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Southern, East & Central Africa

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

Albert Einstein

  • Official partner in the Conservation Travel Initiative of African Parks, a leader in conservation in Africa

  • Involved with the development of conservation tourism within the resurgent wilderness reserves of central  & southern Mozambique 

  • African field specialist in the emerging science of biomimicry  & host of Genius of Nature workshops across the globe

  • Two-time finalist in the prestigious Good Safari Guide Awards for Best Personal Contribution to the African Safari Industry

After having spent 15 years in the trenches of the African safari industry, the time came to combine a passion for the wild with the realization that such places and species were in need of serious help. Into the Wild with Rob Janisch provides travellers with a first-hand experience into the intricacies and challenges of Africa’s modern conservation story while ensuring unique wildlife interactions and deeply moving experiences. With a desire to share both the inspiring experiences from Africa’s wilderness and the challenges of today’s conservation landscapes, Rob brings guests to the intersection of Africa’s most wild and spectacular places while also affecting positive change on the future.


Rob discovered his passion for all things wild early on.  After his hybrid university studies in the Arts and Biokinetics, his introduction to guiding was in South Africa in the late Nineties.


It was here that he truly found a passion for interpreting the wild wonders of nature to others, a passion that became a vocation for the next 20-plus years: beating about the bush, introducing guests to the wilds of Africa, and developing a deep understanding of the genius of the natural world.


More than anything, through time spent in the wilds, Rob is able to mollify the hankerings of his soul – a tonic he shares regularly with his guests on safari. 


Through his distinctively styled safaris, Rob aims to provide a more holistic insight into the natural world.  Rob's fascination with all things living has led him to be inspired by the emerging science of biomimicry, in which he is now the African field specialist, and on which he consults to large organizations & institutions across the globe. 

Rob also hosts & facilitates specialist Genius of Nature expeditions and workshops in living laboratories around Africa. 


Rob offers exclusive & transformative safaris across the continent, having worked, lived & played in most countries in the sub-region. 


Some of Rob’s favourite haunts include Mozambique’s Niassa & Gorongosa, Mana Pools in Zimbabwe, the Okavango Delta, the Zambian wilderness & more recently, 

Zakouma National Park in southeastern Chad.  


When Rob is not out & about in the bush, he can be found back home in Zimbabwe either continuing his childhood obsession with learning the drums or swinging in a hammock with his much-loved daughters Lula & Indie.

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