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"If you never go, you'll never know."

Sidharth Cdhu

Like the legendary travellers from whom they take their collective name, the Fellows of the Shackleton & Selous Society offer something that is truly unique among today’s quick-hit tourism: a deep and enduring immersion in the world’s last great wildernesses, cultures, and landscapes, with flawless logistics and the level of comfort and attention to detail you expect of the finest five-star holidays.

The key to these distinctive journeys is a leadership pedigree that is literally second to none. Each of the Fellows has been handpicked and his or her style represents the very best that a particular country or region has to offer. The Fellows are the most experienced hosts and journey planners, the most sensitive cultural ambassadors, the most knowledgeable naturalists and conservationists.

The Shackleton & Selous Society unites these individuals under a single, carefully regulated umbrella, which - in the words of American travel guru Wendy Perrin - “spares travellers the headache of finding a top-flight local guide by listing these superstars right on the web.”

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The society works as a simple referral and endorsement network, putting guests directly in touch with the leading experts in particular destinations or niche travel styles, who will then help fine-tune the details of a perfect customized journey. In this way, the society is the consummate matchmaker: an introduction to the ideal partners, and a failsafe guarantee of their integrity and credentials.

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